Top Ten Search Engines

Top Ten Search Engines To Enhance Your Web Traffic.
In this article you would be able to find the Top Ten Search Engines where you can surely promote your website. They are as follows:

1.  Google Search Engine: This is one of the best rated search engines and most of the websites crave to be ranked on its no. one list. To rank a website this uses an algorithm named PageRank. The algorithm manipulates a recursive score based on the sum of the pages and other which they link. This is on the of Top Ten Search Engines list.

2.  Yahoo Search Engine: The yahoo search engine is also equally famous as the Google search engine and is one of the oldest search engines. It was ranked 2nd largest search engines in the year 2009. So, if you are not here then you need to work a little harder.

3.  Bing Search Engine: This is third rated from the best internet search engines. It is a Microsoft and is officially the replacement of live search engine. This has gained good market in U.S. This is another one of the search engines from the Top Ten Search Engines.

4. This is a search engine which was started in the year 1996 by David Warthen and Garrett Gruener. It started in California. The initial search engine software was implemented in order to work around the core and was really good. But now it is one of the best internet search engines and is owned by IAC or Inter Active Corp.

4.  Baidu Search Engine: This is a Chinese search engine and is really good for the ones searching for all sorts of information. It was found in the year 2000 and has 57 search and has community services like Baidu Baike
6.  Yebol Search Engine: This a search engine from San Jose in Canada. This has a good user interface and is also subjected to have good semantic search capability. Yebol due to its efficiency is in the Top Ten Search Engines.

7.  Yandex Search Engine: This is one of the most reputed search engine from the Top Ten Search Engines and was invented for the Russian web search and is the best in Russia. It was launched in 1997 and it means ‘yet another index’.

8.  Cuil Search Engine: The search engine is to be pronounced as cool according to the owners and believe me it is really cool. The search is based on the content and is good because the search string can be long one with thumbnails.

9.  Sohu Search Engine: The search engine would be really good as it would promote multiplayer gaming and much other stuff. Their revenue has increased over the last year and is a Chinese search engine.

10.  Welluma Search Engine: It is a search engine that is powered by wordpress and it was launched only this year. It does not use the web crawler to update any changes on the first page.
These were the Top Ten Search Engines which would help good traffic in ones website.